I Spy With My Little Eye, Underwear!

by Pat Chiappa on

My little nephew Ben was walking home from school and found this little broken piece of tile.  He said to his mom, “it looks like underwear.”

I love that Ben sees the world in such a creative way.   I love that he looks for and finds junky things that he views as treasures. I love his way of exploring the world, and when I’m with him, there is always an opportunity to flex my creative muscle.

I’m still on my creative quest as part of my Year Ahead/Year in Review work.  Last year was ‘Art Every Day Every Way‘ and this year and began 2012 with a commitment to explore and then focus on a new medium or art form every month.

This past month, my focus was on fabric. On my March travels I discovered a new junk store, called The Legacy, that sells lots of great junk including scraps of fabric and a whole wall of elaborate trims. I also found a video on Youtube demonstrating needle felting. I also bought fabric to re- upholster my dining room chairs. My sister-in-law, who makes beautiful quilts, built an entire studio where she will be teaching quilting classes – she always inspires me with her energy and creativity. We must be on the same creative wavelength, she sent me a picture of cool needle felted handbags – without knowing that was exactly the project I was working on.

I love having a focus for my creative projects each month. It doesn’t mean I don’t do other art projects, like my favorite art form of collage, but having a focus keeps me flexible. I make an effort to discover something new and possibly fall in love with it.

What have you fallen in love with lately?


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carrie April 3, 2012 at

I love that! I have a friend who has collected heart-shaped rocks for a long time. She has a beautiful collection…all natural…not the kind you buy at a gift shop :-) Does this mean Ben will start an underwear rock collection?

Yay for the minds and observations of children.

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